5 reasons to pursue higher education in Scotland


I don’t think there should be a lot of debate about why one should study in Scotland. It is a beautiful country with a picturesque landscape, a long history, a friendly local culture, delicious food and an excellent modern lifestyle. There is almost everything needed for the overall development of the students. Of course, the quality of universities and colleges matters most, but there is no doubt about it. Why? Because they have always been the top ranked. Yet while most of you are aware of these benefits, I intend to tell you more about them.

Today we are focusing on Scotland. Whether or not you are applying to a Scottish university or college, you may want to consider your options while reading the article. Yes, there are also challenges to studying in Scotland, but this is the recurring theme everywhere. The overall benefits you will reap here are incredible, and they won’t just come from your placement at a good university.

Here are 5 reasons to study in Scotland!

  1. Its universities have a historic reputation
    The story speaks for itself: Scottish universities have been around for a long time now and are among the most renowned in the world. As a historic center of education, Scotland has offered academic excellence and wonderful career opportunities to those who deserve it. It has a number of world renowned educational institutions with the University of Edinburgh, the University of Glasgow and the University of St. Andrews being among the top ranked in the world. There are other universities which are very good and which have helped to strengthen the country’s place among the world leaders in education. One caveat though, studying at one of its universities will be a costly affair, so try to secure a scholarship to handle the financial burden.
  2. Usually expensive, but cheapest in the country
    It’s weird when I say Scottish universities are also the cheapest in the country. In general, they are very expensive. However, if you compare them to those in other parts of the country, especially England, then they are relatively cheaper. Moreover, when it comes to other areas of spending such as food and accommodation, they are also relatively inexpensive. In fact, a number of its cities are some of the cheapest like Glasgow. So if you want to pursue exemplary and cheaper higher education and that too in UK then prefer Scotland.
  3. Culturally beautiful
    It is not just quality education that improves an individual. There are so many external factors that condition us to better beings, and that includes the local culture. Countries with a closed, conservative culture and an uncompromising approach to foreigners often fail to impress their resident students. On the contrary, those with a welcoming and party culture provide mental support to their overseas student body – and Scotland is pretty much that. It is home to rich cultural experiences, from Highland games to famous kilts; there is anything that can put you in a good mood. So, it is not just your curriculum that you will learn from. The world around you will teach you new things.
  4. High search yield
    This is especially necessary for those who wish to pursue postgraduate or doctoral studies in the country. Unless there is a well-designed research program and facilities, there is no point in taking such courses. Scotland, however, has a very thriving research-driven culture; in fact, most of its universities have been designated as high yield research and citation institutions. Faculties from all programs have published articles in reputable journals, have international exposure, and command respect in academia. If you undertake such programs here, you will necessarily be included in research projects, so it is not just theoretical research that you signed up for.
  5. Brilliant career opportunities
    Scotland has room for everyone as long as you have the right kind of knowledge and skills. It has a low unemployment rate and offers internships to deserving people in many distinguished organizations. Whatever your professional background, you will surely find your place. For example, the country’s National Health Service offers the greatest employment opportunities to people in more than 50 different occupations. Likewise, there are many possibilities in the arts, humanities and sciences.

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