A new governance is planned for hunting

  • A new governance system is planned for the hunt, with the mantra: “Nothing less than excellent is acceptable”.

    Master of Foxhounds Association President Andrew Osborne updated members of the hunting community on the sport’s ongoing governance review, which was announced late last year.

    H&H reported that the review would examine the possibility of a new governing body, so that the community can “move forward to preserve, promote and protect the sport we all love” (news, December 16).

    In his update, Osborne said three main areas of focus had been established so far.

    “It has been suggested and widely accepted that hunting associations should withdraw from overall hunting governance and oversight; instead, we aim to have two separate organizations,” he said.

    It will be a governing body, responsible for the governance of all hunting activities and setting rules and standards, and a separate regulatory body to administer the regulations and deal with any issues. disciplinary.

    Hunting associations will remain, but will not play any role in governance; there is “no expectation that hunts or individual members will have to pay any additional fees overall.”

    All hunts will be invited to join the governing body, which will be “inclusive and representative of the whole community”. Hunters and kennel hunters will be members, as well as hunt managers, and hunts will be assessed and accredited to “validate the high standards of field hunting activities and animal welfare in hunting kennels.” “.

    “We are focusing our resources on more proactive and promotional public relations,” Mr. Osborne said. Hunting activities, work in hunting kennels and the work of the hunting community must be communicated openly and clearly to the public and we are working on mechanisms to highlight all good environmental hunting and the positive impact that they have on the countryside.

    “Our mantra will continue to be ‘nothing less than excellent is acceptable’. With this in mind, our focus will be the protection, promotion and preservation of our core values, so that we can continue to enjoy the sport that we will all love for many years to come.

    More details will be released in the near future, and the aim is to present the ideas to the Hunting Association AGMs this summer so that plans are in place for the start of next season.

    Mr Osborne added: “If we are successful, the masters and hunters of today will pave the way for a new generation to continue hunting in a new era, hunting will continue to be an integral part of the modern countryside and the dogs will always continue to be the glue that unites so many rural communities.

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