Ashes | UK Sports Minister calls fans ‘unpleasant’ and asks them to applaud Steve Smith


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UK Sports Minister calls fans ‘unpleasant’ and asks them to applaud Steve Smith

England’s Sports Minister Nigel Adams called Steve Smith’s boos by England fans “unpleasant” and urged them to cheer and not make fun of the Australian drummer.

Smith, Cameron Bancroft and David Warner – all involved in the Sandpaper Gate fiasco – were booed during their appearances in the first and second Ashes Test matches at Edgbaston and Lord’s.

During the second Ash Test, Smith had to leave the field after being struck in the neck by a 92.4 mph delivery from England race leader Jofra Archer, which knocked him to the ground.

The 32-year-old returned to the crease 40 minutes later, before being sacked for 92. While many fans gave him a standing ovation, an audible contingent booed and taunted Smith each time, when he was withdrawn and on his return.

“The vast majority of the Lord’s crowd was standing up to applaud Steve Smith after his innings, but a small amount of boos from a tiny element of the crowd made the news,” Adams said, as quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald.

“It’s unpleasant and we have to remember that the Aussie players who got themselves into trouble got punished and made time.

“Smith in particular is a brilliant drummer and of course I don’t want him doing too many races while he’s here he’s fascinating to watch and as real sports fans we should. applaud, not mock, “he said. added.

Earlier, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison also criticized the Lord’s mob for inflicting harsh behavior on Smith.

“A draw in the second test, but it was a total fault by Ashes for the Lords crowd to boo Steve Smith,” Morrison wrote on Facebook on Monday.

“His performance on the pitch on his return to Test Match cricket in the UK demands nothing but respect,” he added.

Smith was excluded from the third ash test with a concussion.

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