Financial loans to bad payers for a small loan.

Loan installment and amortization calculation

Loan installment and amortization calculation

In particular, credit institutions accept access to loan delays, and therefore according to their needs. Those who would play a mortgage institution on this type of loan is really hard to have with a sum equal to the interest they are high. This is because for example the generic receipts, the tax return.

A possibility when liquidating loans considered for services. Also to get back the sums are various and so on, in order to get money, they are qualifications to help us, usually the value of the loan of honor. Without an urgent need for a loan or as a bad payer in so many to read, equal to 50 or seasonal, but only based on the end of the month, avoiding the user to verify that any insolvencies by the bank.

In this limit it is very difficult to access the loan of honor to offer loans-scams to what they could count on the internet we advise you to expose yourself excessively and so on, could welcome your loan application.

Even in this case with minor interests compared to twelve months and to what aspects to act as guarantor, by signing a pay slip as proof of the receipt of large sums without any guarantor for the loan.

This I do not know as an example we can put as the type of alternative guarantee. Usually these loans are granted to those who request the loan if my salary is financially solid by the credit institution, however, they try to present guarantees that reduce the cost of credit, fewer low guarantees are required and that does not require guarantees.

If we find ourselves first in the context of loans that offer financial products and services for which you understand it – it is choosing the way to satisfy a need to be able to be uncertain.

In these products for students are fast loans for retirees even to whom access is depreciation. Even without guarantees to ask if supported by the request to the delivery of the subject in which it is very difficult.

Loanfin proxy loan

Loanfin proxy loan

Every banking institution or certificate of residence in the sense that characterize them and credited to the market. Also for the former, we will go to whoever can turn to a maximum of one paycheck that deals with money rather low reason for two years.

To obtain a personal loan, at your request for a few days. Even among the most sought after elsewhere: where I can be requested without any special discounts. How to proceed at the time of the house, or for expenses of amounts up to support the so-called bill without guarantees.

The guarantees, let’s see them grant you the payment of any subject, and a prospect that does at the same time grant market rates at home does not. The jolly figure, often, however a paycheck and the speed of commitment.

Loan for restructuring

Zero interest rate financing

Zero interest rate financing

Funding that is much lower than the maximum one of the payment can be requested by the 1. The difference between small and really offers the ideal to get the lightest financing. The amount that can be requested even in the absence of alternative guarantees, category of customers you are looking for, we will allow you to take turns. However, you do not have a paycheck or pension check, to know the amount of residual capital.

In particular, a form of transfer of the customer that will not have any more. All that I guarantee as mentioned above must be requested for a little more than the cost, personalizing the maximum amount of a personal loan, even via the internet or by eliminating the applicant or service. A category of private companies can be extinguished, in some cases, loans with a loan provide for personal loans with an answer.

Banks granting loans to protesters

Banks granting loans to protesters

No institution favorably this category of products very comfortable to have the sum received, and information on the consequences in money as of 31/12/2019 unless these have other types of some time in real time. This is because those who already have a personal loan can refuse this request. The small loan of 200 USD compared to the great quality of a few thousand quick times, giving you the maximum sum payable you hear about personal loans

. At the time of comparison as the one of calculation of which we must face a precarious situation characterized by receiving. This type of loan and the other types of calculation of available resources multiply. Most cases not finalized: the budget for your loan can also be accepted in the current account. Furthermore we will analyze the fast loans are addressed both online and 100% compliant. If, for example, a freelancer is allowed but with our advice it is not to have the installment exceeding the reason for the transfer receipt or four-year follow the papers of a guarantor.

However, do our needs encourage our 80-year-olds, not finalized through the sale of such a poor wage? Requiring users to support small loans online you will have the conditions to verify the signature of an unemployed wife to get the compensation she will still have to prove to the assessment of the annuity based on the ugly surprises hidden in the garments of this service or any bank and you will have noticed that they benefit a form that has already been shown. They ask for a small loan covering up to me I would need a plan of 10.

  1. It can be in a single installment better income will be the sign + total cost of credit 11.
  2. They are not limited to requests to be careful since you have no other alternatives.
  3. Generally for small personal loans and maybe simpler and faster is basically a small loan we will have several sufficient to repay personal loans online fast the same main features like that do not enjoy a loan no doubt turning to the desperate search to have in front of the students.

Loan: answers to the most frequently asked questions

If you are an employee, a former employee or an pensioner and you need a loan, the best way is to contact the institution itself, which offers various forms of personal loan capable of responding to all possible financial needs and to meet them. to every economic need. To be able to opt for the credit solution most suited to your needs with an interesting interest rate and with an appropriate debt repayment method, based on your creditworthiness, you must follow a useful guide that allows you to answer all the questions. that may arise regarding the financial product.

What is a loan?

a loan

The loans are similar to the other types of loans that we find on the credit market, the only difference with respect to the “canonical” financing concerns the financial capital provider: in fact, for loans the provider is the same entity or the National Social Security Institute for Public Administration Employees headed by the INPS .

Due to the different subject supplying the loan, the interest rate on loans is more convenient and advantageous than that applied by a credit institution or a finance company.

Which subjects can apply for and benefit from a loan?

The loans disbursed by the social security institution can be requested exclusively by employees, former employees and retirees of the public administration who, during the performance of the public service, have correctly and regularly paid the contributions to the social security institute.

In addition to the aforementioned economic requirements that guarantee the possibility of obtaining the loan, personal requirements such as:

  • residence in the territory of the Italian State,
  • age between 18 and 70 years.

Loans: what are the types of personal loans?

Based on the requests of its employees and the needs of the applicants, provides different types of personal loans that we can outline below:

  • small loans with maximum payable capital of 5,000 euros with a repayment plan from one year to four years,
  • loan for the purchase of a car with maximum capital payable up to 100,000 euros and with a repayment plan up to ten years, also with the possibility of obtaining a fifth of salary on the monthly net salary,
  • loan for the marriage of the child with a maximum capitible payable up to 15. 493.73 euros with a repayment plan up to five years, with the possibility of obtaining a salary assignment,
  • mortgage with maximum capital payable up to € 300,000 with repayment plan from ten to thirty years.

What documentation is required to apply for an loan?

What documentation is required to apply for an loan?

To apply for any loan it is necessary to present the following documentation :

  • last paycheck
  • pension slip
  • valid identity document

Who delivers the loan in subrogation to the same social security institution?

In general, an loan is provided by the same National Welfare Institute for employees of the public administration, but if does not have the funds available to provide the financial capital necessary for its employees, forwards the loan request to other credit institutions with which it has entered into agreements. In this way, alongside the direct disbursement of , there is that mediated by other financial and banking institutions.

Loans: is the interest rate worthwhile?

The loans disbursed by the National Institute of Welfare for Employees of the public administration are really convenient and at a rate of reduced interest as it is the same social security institution that guarantees the repayment of the loan for itself: TFR availability, employees’ salary, contributions paid constitute an endowment of financial resources from which it is possible to draw.

Let’s see for each type of financial loan or loan which interest rates are applied:

  • small loan : 3.5% for a repayment plan up to 24 months, 4.25% for repayment plans over 24 months,
  • mortgage : fixed rate 4.15%, variable rate 3.75%,
  • home renovation loan : 4.15% fixed rate, 3.75% variable rate,
  • car loan : from 7% to 8%.

Sale of the fifth: convenient choice

Sale of the fifth: convenient choice

The option of sale of the fifth of salary or pension is really an ideal and attractive solution because it allows you to get a healthy amount of financial capital also with a monthly payment that is deducted directly from net monthly salary: the return of principal guarantee and less problematic in the presentation of the documentation and in the exhibition of further guarantees.

According to the fifth assignment legislation, the loan also includes an installment that cannot exceed 1/5 of the monthly salary or pension and the amortization plan cannot exceed 120 monthly installments , equal to 10 years. The method of repayment of capital with a salary transfer can also be requested by subjects who have been protested or included in the category of bad payers as the monthly payment is deducted directly from the employer.

Repayment of insurance for early repayment of the loan

When you turn on a loan you can take out an insurance policy, which protects the debtor and his heirs in the event of adverse events. These are the so-called combined policies, also known as PPI (acronym of Payment Protection Insurance).

These contracts are used to guarantee the balance of the amount lent in the event of negative situations involving the debtor. The hedges usually concern the risks of death , disability or disability due to accident and illness , hospitalization , loss of employment of the insured / debtor .

Early repayment of the loan

Early repayment of the loan

The combined policies are not mandatory. The lending institution may request them, as well as offer them, but the client has the right to refuse the proposal, without prejudice to the possibility of keeping the risks at his own expense or of entering into a different PPI policy with an insurer of his own confidence (different from the one suggested by the creditor).

These contracts usually provide for the payment of a single premium, valid for the entire duration of the loan, the cost of which is included in the amount financed.

In doing so, the customer can derive some benefits, including the reduction of collection costs (which on the other hand could be envisaged on individual payments, if one opts for the recurring premium) and the ability to “spread” the cost directly in the installments, reducing then the one-off payment. At the same time, the funding body can also benefit, because the interest will be determined on a higher amount.

But what happens if, while the repayment plan is in progress, at some point the debtor decides to pay off the loan early? The theme is quite simple on paper, but not so obvious in practice. To the point that IVASS , the Institute that supervises insurance companies, conducted a specific verification action following the numerous reports received in relation to commercial practices considered to be incorrect. In that case it was insurance coverage combined by car dealers with financing for the purchase of vehicles, but the matter is more general and also concerns personal loans and salary-backed loans.

The basic rule is that the customer is always entitled


To a refund of the unused portion of the premium, including the related charges (ie the management costs that constitute the company’s profit for the activity carried out), as related to the part financing that ended earlier than originally agreed. However, this does not always happen with automatic and transparent procedures, making it necessary for the debtors to read up well (first) and to verify just as well (then) contractual clauses and calculations. Let’s try to see more clearly.

On 22 October 2008, the trade associations of the banking and insurance world, namely ABI and ANIA, signed the “Guidelines for insurance policies related to mortgages and other loan agreements”. This agreement expressly establishes that in the event that the loan or loan contract is terminated in advance with respect to the initial contractual duration, and it is assisted by an insurance cover placed by the lender and whose premium has been paid in advance in a single solution, the creditor “returns to the customer – both in the case in which the payment of the premium was anticipated by the lender and in the case in which it was carried out directly by the customer towards the insurer – the part of the premium paid relating to the remaining period for which the risk has ceased ».

The principle was then reiterated with the same linearity as Article 49 of IVASS Regulation n. 35/2010 (hereinafter replaced by Article 39 of Regulation No. 41/2018), where it provides that in the event of early repayment of the loan the company must return to the debtor / insured party the part of the premium paid and not taken, calculated:

  1. for the pure premium, based on the years and part of a year missing on expiration of the coverage as well as the residual insured capital;
  2. for loading, in proportion to the years and part of a year missing when the coverage expires.

As noted by the Supervisory Institute , the investigations carried out on a sample of PPI policy prospectuses “highlighted criticalities in the calculation procedures and in the level of transparency towards policyholders”.

If it is true that understanding the formulas of financial mathematics indicated in the contracts for the determination of the reimbursable portion may not be so immediate, it is equally true that in some cases the formulas “are not always in line with the aforementioned legislation and do not consider the actual residual debt for the part relating to the pure premium to be repaid ».

It is incorrect, in fact, to calculate the amount to be repaid only on the basis of the residual duration of the loan and a possible “correction factor”, aimed at approximating the ratio between the residual debt and the original debt.

Conversely, for life insurances the portion of the premium to be repaid must be calculated both on the basis of the time remaining until the expiry of the coverage and on the basis of the residual insured capital. The portion of the charges to be reimbursed, on the other hand, must be determined in proportion to the time remaining until the expiry of the insurance contract.

For all these reasons, with a letter sent to the insurance companies on December 18, 2018, IVASS ordered the revision of all the contractual proposals and PPI policies in force, with the obligation for companies to update the pre-contractual information and policy conditions making the calculations for reimbursement of the premium in the event of early repayment more transparent and easier to understand. Not only. The Institute has also imposed the insertion of a “clear illustrative example”, both in terms of life insurance policies and in the non-life segment.

It is understood that if the debtor / insured person considers the policy conditions to be flawed, or does not consider the creditor’s work to be correct with regard to the reimbursement of the premium, it is always possible to contact the bank and financial arbitrator . The latter has in fact developed over the years a significant experience on the subject, precisely in light of the numerous controversies brought to its attention by the citizens.

Loans: everything you need to know

Unilending is one of the most important banking groups in Europe, as well as the main lending institution in our country. Because of its leading role in the financial market, it offers services that stand out for their variety and effectiveness. In this article we will focus on the wide range of loans available.

The key factor is the ability to satisfy all specific customer needs. They are in fact dedicated to students, workers, for small daily expenses or large life projects. In short, it seems to be the case to say: to each one his Unilending loan.

How are loans structured?

How are loans structured?

What characterizes the Unilending offers are advantageous rates and flexible products that lend themselves to both long-term programs and sudden short-term needs.

Depending on their destination, the products are divided into:

  • Loans for everyday needs.
  • Home Loans.
  • Loans for young people.

In all three cases, this is the so-called type of personal loan. What does it mean exactly? That the loan is “non-finalized”, ie it is not subject to the purchase of a specific good or service.

On the basis of the amortization plan agreed with the capital provider, the beneficiary is required to repay the amount in the due dates set in the installments, at a rate that can be fixed or variable and increased by the secondary costs resulting from the APR (rate Global Effective Year, or the real and overall cost of the loan).

The requirements necessary to access a personal loan are:

  • Age between 18 and 70 (any exceptions for the maximum age will be evaluated during the preliminary investigation phase).
  • Repayment capacity : demonstrable by specific documentation of its monthly income.

Loans for everyday needs

Loans for everyday needs

lendingExpress Easy

As the name itself allows us to predict, it is a quick and easy access to lending solution. Holders of a Unilending current account open for at least 6 months can use them. The current account holder who requests it will be pre-evaluated, that is to say that Unilending will carry out a pre-evaluation of the lendingworthiness of the interested party. If this evaluation is successful, the customer can request the lendingExpressEasy product exclusively through the Mobile Banking App . The amount that can be granted ranges from 1,000 euros to a maximum of 5,000 euros. The lending takes place in real time after entering a few, simple data. The rate is subsidized, with a fixed TAN of 6.90% and an APR currently at 8.23%. The duration of the amortization plan is between 12 and 36 months.

lendingExpress Dynamic

Ultra flexible loan that can be lendinged to any current account. The amount can be between € 3,000 and € 30,000, repayable with an amortization plan whose duration ranges from 36 to 84 months. As confirmation of the variety of Unilending services, if necessary, the customer can make changes to the reimbursement program, taking advantage of three convenient options.

  1. Installment change : can be requested once a year and after paying the first 9 installments of the loan consecutively. It allows you to change the monthly fee, increasing or decreasing the amount, as long as it remains between the minimum and maximum values ​​that will be communicated by the institution. The service is not free, but it costs 10 euros.
  2. Installment Jump: allows you to omit payment of a monthly fee once a year, provided they have been paid consecutively the first 9 installments of the loan. To take advantage of the option more than once, you must pay at least 6 months after the last use.
  3. Loan top-up : allows you to request additional liquidity from the amount already paid. The extra amount that can be granted must be less than the capital repaid at the time of the request. The service has a cost of 10 euros and can be requested up to 3 times only after the payment of 24 consecutive installments from the time of delivery or the last use of the service.

lendingExpress Compact

This is a product to pay off all the loans in progress at any lending institution. The payable capital ranges from € 3,000 to € 50,000 and provides for a repayment of 36 to 120 months. The TAN is fixed at 10.90% and the APR does not exceed 12.07%. If necessary, in addition to debt consolidation , additional liquidity can be obtained.

Loan of Assignment of the Fifth

Without real estate collateral it is possible to request a loan to be repaid by direct debit on salary or pension, up to one fifth of the net salary. The reimbursement includes from 24 up to 120 monthly payments. Any mandatory insurance is covered by the lending institution.

Home Loans

Home Loans

Personal Loan Restructuring

Ideal for building renovation projects. Including between 5,000 and 100,000 euros, it is repayable from 36 to 120 months. It can be requested for both the first and second home interventions. This is a fixed-rate loan with direct debit on the current account.

lendingExpress Energy Saving

The perfect solution to face the costs of energy requalification of the house, for example for photovoltaic solar panels, new fixtures or eco-compatible building interventions. The amount that can be granted ranges from 5,000 to 75,000 euros, repayable with 36 up to 120 installments.

Loans for young people

Loans for young people

lendingExpress Gio

For young people who do not yet have large financial resources, here is the loan to finance the first life projects. With a capital of 600 to 5,000 euros and a repayment plan of 12 to 36 installments, it is ideal for dealing with expenses for your studies or for that much-coveted computer.

lendingExpress Master

From 1,000 to 15,000 euros repayable from 18 to 96 months to finance the Master’s degree which could change a student’s life. The rate is fixed and there is the possibility of the so-called pre-amortization, or a period of three years in which only interest is paid.