EDF Energy East of England Media Awards: what the judges said


With over 250 entries to sift through, the jury for this year’s EDF Energy East of England Media Awards faced a daunting task to choose a winner for each of the 20 categories.

Here’s our roundup of what the judges said about the winning entrants as well as photos of them receiving their prizes.

The awards were presented by Jim Crawford, station manager at EDF Energy’s Sizewell B plant in Suffolk, and 200m Paralympic Games bronze medalist Ben Rushgrove.

All photos are by James Fletcher.

Newcomer of the Year – James Drummond, Essex Chronicle

“James uses contacts, whistleblowing and a good sense of the news in his work. He tracks down a prolific thief fresh out of prison, barely 18 months after a 5-year sentence, for a strong story that has become national.

“And he was competing with the national media over the story of gunman Peter Reeve, who committed suicide after shooting a policeman in Clacton. James found a witness who provided a detailed account of the incident.

Digital Journalist of the Year – Michael Bailey, Archant Norfolk

“Michael is a prolific tweeter – he is heading towards 20,000 when he entered the awards, but uses a variety of platforms, including podcasts and live sites to engage with readers.

“The content is engaging and a podcast is now sponsored. The multi-channel approach is well thought out to complement its column printed in the Eastern Daily Press. A combination of quality content and top notch engagement.

Specialist Journalist of the Year – Jon Austin, Basildon Echo. Award received by Echo Editor-in-Chief Martin McNeill.

“Jon is renowned for his investigative approach. Her entry demonstrated good depth, meticulous research, great use of contacts, and strong writing.

“The undercover shooting helped lift the veil on a vacation scam, with Jon facing legal action. Investigations into police misconduct, possible corruption and the alleged use of informants led to another round of exclusives. “

Press Photographer of the Year – Denise Bradley, Archant Norfolk

“There is a great variety in Denise’s work. The judges loved the charity ransom photo – fundraisers guarded by two stern offerings from the police. The composition is well thought out, it took a while to get everything perfect and the end result is a brilliant picture.

“The fifty shades of gray photo is beautifully put together and a lot of fun – and the paramedic cradling the injured child is a great news shot.”

Sports Journalist of the Year – Dave Gooderham, East Anglian Daily Times / Ipswich Star

“An excellent mix of sports news and reporting helped David Gooderham earn his spot on this year’s shortlist. Writing for the East Anglian Daily Times and Ipswich Star, he has a lot of background work going into his day – but the results are worth it, as evidenced by his exclusive on Jimmy Bullard’s disappearance in Ipswich Town – a written play.

“A supplement on Ipswich’s winning Division One season in 1962 allowed David to delve into the history books, with great use of archives, stats, player profiles and interviews.”

Featured Editor of the Year – Emma Higginbotham, Cambridge News

“A brilliant interview with Mary Archer takes pride of place in Emma Higginbotham’s candidacy. After a frosty reception to begin with, the Cambridge News reporter gets good answers from Mary, who reflects on her marriage to Jeffrey Archer and her battle with cancer.

“Her last play was an emotional interview with the mother of a four-year-old child who died of meningitis. Another great read.

Columnist of the Year – Paul Kirkley, Cambridge News

“A tremendous amount of work goes into Paul Kirkley’s Newsround columns in the Cambridge News. Most of all, they are designed to make readers laugh.

“There’s a comedic interview that takes place in 2017 with Britain’s Got Talent winner Pudsey. At that point, the talented dog had a hard time and was forced to leave his Kensington penthouse for Battersea. . “

Designer of the Year – Annette Hudson, Archant Norfolk

“The bold use of color and classic design mixed with innovation are hallmarks of Annette Hudson’s work at Archant Norfolk. The judges loved the Beatles-style cover for the Pink One ahead of the Norwich City game at Liverpool.

“Its final entry – Pandora’s Box – was well thought out and brought to life the arid but important subject of a G20 summit. Care and attention is paid to detail, but never at the expense of the overall appearance.

Radio Journalist of the Year – James Melley, BBC Essex

“A top-notch broadcast reporter. His investigation of the practices of the Partridge Care Center is revealing and thorough in his approach.

“James has a flair for finding original and exclusive stories. He shows great sensitivity in his management of the funding crisis for national shelters, gaining scarce access to the center and to the women who live there.

TV Journalist of the Year – Kate Prout, ITV Anglia

“Kate’s entry included two fantastic stories on Afghanistan. In the first, from Helmand province, she allows soldiers of the 1st Royal Anglians to talk about their role and the conflict.

“Her last entry was a piece of reflection on a farmer who became a wildlife photographer. The script is minimal and tied to the images and music used. Brilliant camera work and being on site at the right time for lighting, it all comes together effectively.

Weekly Journalist of the Year – James Drummond, Essex Chronicle

“James Drummond of the Essex Chronicle once won the Newcomer of the Year award and now finds himself shortlisted for Best Weekly News Journalist. He submitted three powerful stories, all benefiting from top notch journalism and writing skills.

“As we have already heard today, a wave of one-man crimes, the family traveling to Germany for the trial of the men accused of murdering their son and the cover of Clacton gunman Peter Reeve are all present. A series of stories, worthy of the nationals, brilliantly developed and well written.

Daily Journalist of the Year – Jon Austin, Basildon Echo. Award received by Echo Editor-in-Chief Martin McNeill.

Regular winner of this award, Jon Austin returns with another set of outstanding investigative stories. ‘More than just reporting,’ is how one judge described the detailed work of a reporter celebrating a decade in the industry.

“A vacation scam, a dishonest accountant, and police failures all get the ‘Austin treatment’, resulting in page after page exclusives and follow-up reports.”

Website of the Year – www.pinkun.com. Award collected by web editor Peter Raven.

“Pinkun.com is an engaging and interactive site with Norwich City at its heart, fantastically integrated with a range of social channels. With 37 million pageviews last year, thousands of people are involved in its interactive live coverage of matches, while its regular Norwich City podcast often reaches over 70,000 downloads.

“Shade because of its great engagement with its audience, its value-added content and its integration into digital channels. “

Community Campaign of the Year – A Friend in Need, Norwich Evening News. Award collected by journalist Mark Shields, who helped design the campaign.

The Norwich Evening News’ “Friend in Need” was a very moving community campaign. It all started with a poignant first page about the old man found dead in his own home. He had remained unknown for three months.

“It was the catalyst for a brilliantly executed campaign. In connection with Voluntary Norfolk, the News has tried to encourage people to volunteer their time and befriend isolated and vulnerable people in Norwich.

Front page of the year – Farewell to a city legend, Norwich Evening News. Award collected by editor David Powles.

“The Evening News took a courageous approach with its tribute to the great John Bond of Norwich City. The special wrap-around and color treatment – turning the first page, including the headline in black and yellow – certainly worked, with the paper making 1,000 more sales.

“It’s a nice main shot alongside sneak peeks of what readers would find inside – tribute pieces, the reaction from current and former players and managers and of course the fans.”

Radio News or News Program of the Year – The Dave Monk Show, BBC Essex. Prize collected by Charlotte Hayward.

“The Dave Monk Show, on BBC Essex, left our judges wanting to know more. The story of the “Blue Badge” was a good example of investigative journalism and the ability to hold people in authority to account.

The entry also showed Dave’s ability to successfully deal with breaking news and he was also able to handle, with great sensitivity, an interview with the mother of a young man who committed suicide afterwards. to be in debt. “

TV News and Current Affairs Program of the Year – ITV Anglia. Prize collected by Catherine Houlihan.

“The team exclusively revealed Anglian Water’s first garden hose ban in over 20 years, days before official confirmation. The play took into account farmers, gardeners and households and the likely impacts.

“The last entry was for an Olympic torch relay special. He dominated reporting for just over a week. Daily live coverage, outdoor shows, interviews and pre-recorded packages told the stories of local torchbearers, street parties, behind-the-scenes reporting and there was even an honor roll of 700 torchbearers.

Free weekly newspaper of the year – Bedford Midweek. Award collected by editor Keeley Knowles (second from left) and her team.

“Bright, airy and interesting,” a judge said of the new Bedford Midweek title. A modern and engaging title, with a good number of stories, small news, an unusual design and interactive with its new readership.

“The content is lively and fun, with readers’ tweets, images, columnists and guest contributors key aspects of the offering. Its website, Twitter and Facebook channels are well integrated into the overall package.

Paid for the weekly newspaper of the year – Brentwood Gazette. Prize collected by publisher Nev Wilson, second from left.

“The Brentwood Gazette is packed with important information and offers readers a comprehensive set of news, articles, columns, letters, entertainment, leisure, sports and business, not to mention a variety of supplements.

“There’s also good use of photos, great design, and a strong personality resonates throughout.”

Daily Newspaper of the Year Award – Basildon Echo. Award collected by editor Martin McNeill.

“It’s’ page after page of news that turns the page,” a judge said as he leaned over the Basildon Echo. Her approach is big and bold – she got the news in 2012 to match.

“In Your Face, headlines and photos complement the strong journalistic approach, whether it’s coverage of a stabbing or fatal shootout, or Olympic reporting and a lively sports section. As one judge commented, it’s a title that delivers exactly what it says on the tin.

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