‘Extremely painful’: Ramiz Raja blames Pakistan’s performance against England, Sports News


Pakistan suffered a 3-0 whiteout to England after losing the third and final to Stokes and Co. at Edgbaston in Birmingham. Several former Pakistani cricketers have been disappointed that a full-strength Men in Green could not beat an England team which was reunited just days before their first team was isolated due to a coronavirus outbreak.

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Former cricketer Ramiz Raja, in his YouTube video, lashed out at Pakistan’s performance which was “extremely painful” for fans.

“An extremely painful and difficult day for Pakistani cricket and its fans. The team were whitewashed by a grade B England team. I’m not surprised by the results because it was on the cards. This team has mentally disintegrated. They couldn’t get over the shock of their defeat in the first ODI as the headlines were everywhere that a B team, which reunited in two days, beat Pakistan.

“They were under pressure after the loss and therefore made mistakes. It has become a trend for this Pakistani team. He doesn’t learn from mistakes. Instead, they overtake him under pressure, ”Raja said.

“Babar Azam is a young captain and he would need to change the environment. He needs to understand that he won’t be making headlines for scoring 150. This will only happen if the team plays connected and wins. Unless you take risks, put your skills to the test – how will you become a successful team?

“You saw the Zimbabwe series. It was a perfect opportunity to try the youngsters but it didn’t happen. The same old players played there. Babar has to change that. Pakistan will face more difficult situations in the future and his career itself is taking shape. It all depends on a skipper how he changes the locker room environment and tests the talent of his team.

“It’s time to make a change. They need to change their minds and experiment with new talent. For the sake of Pakistani cricket, the think tank needs to make massive changes,” Raja concluded.

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