Five schools in South Wiltshire are part of Acorn Education Trust

Five schools in South Wiltshire are today (May 1) part of the Acorn Education Trust.

Avon Valley Academy, Bulford St Leonard’s Primary School, Durrington All Saints Church of England Infant School, Netheravon All Saints Church of England Primary School and St Michael’s Church of England Primary School were formerly part of Salisbury Plain Academies Trust.

Sara Edwards, CEO of Acorn Education Trust, said: “I am delighted that we have added five schools to our Acorn family and are offering a warm welcome to their staff, as well as parents/guardians and especially children.

“All schools within Acorn Education Trust have their own identity, traditions and strengths, which helps to further our vision of ‘preparing young people for their world in their time’.

Formed in 2014, Acorn Education Trust now has 19 institutions in Wiltshire.

Acorn Education Trust’s Head of External Relations and Governance, Max Burr, added: “By joining Acorn Education Trust, all five schools, along with our existing settings, will benefit from enhanced collaboration and financial security. reinforced.

“This in turn will help ensure the sustainability of each Acorn Education Trust environment and ensure a strong and prosperous future for all.”

Over the past few weeks, Acorn Education Trust staff have worked alongside staff from all five schools to make the transition as smooth as possible, develop school improvement programs and share resources.

Rob Price, Principal of Secondary Schools, added: “It has been amazing working alongside the existing team at each of the schools over the past few months and forging strong working relationships. We look forward to building on these early foundations, helping schools’ ambitions become reality and seeing children flourish.

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