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Maintain governance knowledge

It’s been a busy few months at the NCVO as we’ve worked to ensure our help and guidance is up to date. We have a wide range of articles, including plenty of information specifically aimed at directors and those involved in governance. As part of our update, we asked admins what areas they’d like to see covered, and we’re creating all-new content on areas like recruiting admins, making good decisions, and having tough conversations. .

We’ve also made sure our pages on Legal Responsibilities of Trustees and Introductions to Governance Concepts are accurate and include everything you need to know, along with case studies and tips.

Support your board

Leading an organization as a trustee is an important role, and to help our trustees be effective, we need the best possible support. Whether you are a volunteer board secretary, a professional governance administrator, or someone who has just been tasked with supporting the board, this course is for you.

In four sessions, our brand new Good Governance Support course will guide you through all the key elements of board support. We’ll cover the facts and the law, the practices and structures you can use, and the skills you need to learn to help your board succeed. We’ll also include time to network with other governance colleagues, and plenty of templates and frameworks to take home.

Trustees and ethical investing

The High Court ruled that trustees of charities can choose to invest ethically in a landmark judgment at the end of April. The case was brought by the trustees of the Ashden Trust and the Mark Leonard Trust, who asked the court to give them clear guidance on making investment decisions with environmental protection in mind. environment.

The charities said existing guidelines from the Charity Commission did not make clear whether the decision fell within their powers as trustees, as it focused on the idea of ​​maximizing return on investment. Trustees of charities feared that their decision to invest only in organizations meeting the goals of the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement could lead to financial harm and therefore run counter to the guidelines. .

The High Court ruling clarifies that the guidelines do not prevent trustees from investing in a way they believe to be ethical, as long as the investment still furthers the aims of the charity. If the administrators consider all options and establish a reasonable and proportionate investment policy, the High Court considers that they will have fulfilled their obligations.

The Charity Commission will provide updated guidance in this area.

Tackling the cost of living crisis

With inflation expected to peak around 10% in 2022, the cost of living is a major concern for charities and communities. We are therefore asking charity leaders and directors to complete a two-question survey by June 24, to help us understand your concerns and how you are handling the impact of inflation.

We also invite you to reserve your free spot at our online event for NCVO members on Wednesday, June 15. Focused on rising costs – in particular, energy, fuel, food and other goods, and wages. This event is an opportunity for you to share ideas with other charity leaders to enhance your knowledge while informing our policy and advocacy work on behalf of the voluntary sector. Guest speakers will share case studies and insights on adaptation to address these challenges so you can continue to provide support to those in need.

In the news

Power and Integrity Launch

The Charity Governance Code asks directors to consider the power within your organization. As part of our work to understand the impact of power on charities, we are incubating a new project, Power & Integrity. If this work interests you, you can join a PI Power Lab and be part of the journey.

queen’s speech

This year’s speech for the opening of parliament included important messages for charities and administrators. The speech covered a range of new legislation and changes, including amendments to national human rights laws. My colleague Chris summarizes the key points of his Queen’s Speech Blog.

Inaugural speech by the chairman of the Charity Commission

Orlando Fraser delivered his inaugural address earlier this month. He spoke about the importance of trustees and his goals of leading an excellent, data-informed and effective regulator. You can read his speaker’s notes on the government website.

Trainings and events

Sally Stephens is a governance consultant for NCVO. For more regular updates, follow @Sally_Steph Where @NCVO on Twitter.

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