Loans agreement: agreements with banks and financial institutions

For those who are employees or public pensioners and want to request a personal loan or a salary assignment , they can benefit from the financial benefits deriving from the signing of the Agreements signed between the Social Security and Bank or Institute for the benefit and in favor of the subjects who are on duty or are retired (former employees) of a Public Administration.

Retired or public employees can access the Loans agreed with their social security institution


Taking advantage of the very favorable Loan release conditions. The pays or withholds the installments from the paycheck or pension slip to the company that grants the credit without having to pay by file at the bank or post office. Loans in Agreements are granted to all public employees or retirees up to the age of 85, on the following release conditions:

  • amounts up to 80,000 euros repayable even in 10 years with a convenient deduction directly on the pension.
  • payment of the single-signature Loan with the possibility of obtaining an advance on the amount requested .
  • subsidized fixed rate, constant installment .
  • maximum rate up to 1/5 of the pension at subsidized rates guaranteed by the .
  • no patrimonial or real estate guarantee required.
  • quick and practical disposal without bureaucracy.
  • loan covered by insurance in accordance with the law, in the event of premature death.

Loan in the Agreement : characteristics of the credit product

Loan in the Agreement : characteristics of the credit product

The Loan in the Agreement is a loan reimbursed directly by the pension institution or retained directly by the payroll by the public administration in which one is on duty, adaptable to any need: the loan can be, in fact, required to satisfy different purposes of spending , like buying a car, renovating a house, buying furniture, paying for medical expenses, traveling or vacationing, or obtaining liquidity without having to pay any expenses. Subscribing to an loan does not provide for any preliminary expenses and no brokerage fees to be incurred by banks or financial companies: it is sufficient to present only the application form and await the outcome of the preliminary investigation .

Loan in Convention: banks and financial institutions


On the credit and banking market various banking and financial institutions can be found that have signed Agreements with : among the most significant and interesting we find major players on the credit market. Interesting is the Convention signed by Director: it is a fixed-rate loan that is provided by financial institutions that have signed a specific agreement with the central or peripheral Public Administration, in order to offer public and state employees loans at interest rates subsidized, whose conditions are agreed directly with the MEF (Ministry of the Economy and Finance).

An information system created in 2012 by the Department of General Administration of Personnel and Services (DAG) of the Ministry of the Economy to manage some services, such as for example the salaries and attendance of employees of the PA. The agreements stipulated by the financial institutions directly with the DAG or with the peripheral Administrations are effective for all the employees managed in the system.

Who can access the loan provided by Director? All employees whose wages are managed by can access the convention payment delegation. Consult the list of the main administrations concerned to see if it falls within the convention:

  • Ministries
  • Regions and local authorities
  • Common
  • Tax Agencies
  • Non-economic Public Bodies
  • School employees
  • Healthcare Staff
  • Presidency and Management of the Council of Ministers
  • Entities art. 70 Legislative Decree 165/2001 (for example ENAC – CNEL – ENEA)
  • Judiciary Staff, Lawyers and State Attorneys
  • Perhaps armed – Army – Navy – Aeronautica Militare
  • Guardia di Finanza
  • Department of Public Security – State Police
  • State Forestry Corps
  • Penitentiary Police Corps
  • Fire Department.

The installment to be reimbursed depends on the salary amount of the public employee, as the single assignable share cannot exceed 20% of the net salary. The duration of the loan contract may not exceed 10 years and insurance coverage is provided to protect the debtor from the risk deriving from the occurrence of unfavorable events (life risk and employment risk). As far as the economic conditions are concerned, the loan is very interesting for the public employment as, by virtue of the agreement signed, the fixed TAN is 3.95% for State and Public employees.

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