New England Sports Take Away Survey


It’s that time of year again, when Channel Media & Market Research releases its annual New England Sports Survey. In the 9th edition of the survey, nearly 16,000 respondents spoke their truth about everything to do with sport… teams, ownership, training and the media. Let’s see what they found.

Football is always on top:

While the New England Patriots remain the most followed team in New England, at a whopping 45%, a few things stand out, namely the region’s feelings on Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Clearly unhappy with Brady’s departure, Coach Belichick’s leadership rating has dropped from 64% in 2019 to 17% in 2020 and 85% of those polled believe the team has gone downhill since last season. Not to mention that 38% think the worst thing that has happened to New England sports in the past year is Tommy’s departure. Let’s have a few people in perspective.

The Covid19 has indeed affected sports viewing:

We all remember how it started. Your Boston Bruins got plugged in, ready to win the Presidents’ Trophy, and then… Covid19 struck, ending life as we knew it. And that seems to have had a pretty big impact on viewing, with 23% of fans following the team less than they have since last season. And what is the reason given by almost half of these fans? Simply too difficult to follow during the pandemic. Something we found interesting? 21% agreed to kick Rask and 35% felt he had not lived up to their expectations.

The B’s weren’t the only team affected either. According to the survey, 38% of New England Revolution fans pay less attention to games, despite the team having qualified for the playoffs because the revised schedule was difficult to follow. But there is a silver lining, with 66% agreeing that interest in football is growing in the United States Gooooaaaaal!

Celtics management continues to move in the right direction:

It seems that no matter what Celtics general manager Danny Ainge does or doesn’t do, he’s still a fan favorite and 69% of respondents have complete confidence in him and what he does with and for. the team. But let’s face it, 67% have the same opinion on team ownership. Slow clap for this season though, with the team receiving the only A rating among the five franchises.

Now, we’re not the bragging type, but let’s talk about how The Sports Hub and our talents fared:

Do you listen to our game day shows? You should be, because the top five winners in unassisted writing are all Sports Hub talent, with Scott Zolak, the Pats’ color commentator, taking home 29%. ‘Sup Zo. To complete the list, Zo partner Bob Socci, Sean Grande and Cedric Maxwell covering the Celtics and Bob Beers with the Bruins.

I’m sure it’s no surprise that Mike Felger is at the top of radio’s favorite sports personalities list. Love him or hate him, he listens to you. After a tie at four for the fifth and a tie at two for the fourth, our guys took six of the nine places… Scott Zolak comes in second with 16% (an appropriate percentage), Marc Bertrand with 14%, Tony Massarotti with 8% and Jim Murray and Rich Shertenlieb with 5%.

And finally, how did our shows stack up against each other? Not too bad, taking three of the top five places with a total of 79% of the vote. Felger & Mazz came first with 26%, Zolak & Bertrand came in second with 20% and Toucher & Rich with 14%.

What does all of this mean to you, the listener? Well, not too much, but it’s a pretty clear snapshot of what your peers think about your favorite teams. What does this mean for us? You love us, you really love us. Ok, kidding aside, THANKS for listening and being the reason we do what we do. Go teams!

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