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New England Sports Village in Attleboro gets one-month reprieve | Local News

By on July 4, 2021 0

ATTLEBORO – The New England Sports Village auction has been on hold for a month.

The auction, which was scheduled for Friday, has been postponed to June 4, apparently to allow lender and borrower, AJAX 5CAP NESV, LLC, the company that owns the sports facility, to make some sort of deal.

The postponement notice was posted on the website of Paul E. Saperstein Co., a Holbrook auction company.

NESV is located between County Street and Tiffany Street on Commerce Way. It includes an ice rink and nearly 140 acres of land.

Developer David Boucher referred the comment to Stuart Silberberg, Managing Partner of AJAX.

Silberberg did not immediately respond to questions emailed to him by The Sun Chronicle.

Last month, he said AJAX was in negotiations with the lender, which he declined to name.

He said the former lender, HarborOne Bank, sold the note to investors in late 2020.

Silberberg declined to comment on how late the company is in its mortgage payments.

“It’s not important,” he said. “We’re late.”

Silberberg said the pandemic had hit the company hard.

“COVID has not been kind to us like it has been to a lot of people,” he said.

The rink business closed for about four months, then ran at 30 to 70 percent for the rest of the year, putting AJAX in a big financial hole.

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