Scotland’s first primary school becomes a ‘centre of excellence’ for financial education

CROSSHOUSE Primary School in East Kilbride has become the first school in Scotland to be accredited as a Center of Excellence in Financial Education. The school was supported throughout this process by Young Enterprise (YE) Scotland and an international bank, in partnership with Young Enterprise UK.

The Centers of Excellence program provides a set of professional standards to help schools deliver practical, effective, and sustainable financial education that meets the needs and priorities of their students. Crosshouse Primary joins a network of over 150 already accredited Centers of Excellence in England and Wales since 2014.

Crosshouse has achieved the required Center of Excellence standard following the school’s commitment to a progressive financial education program, which, in the context of the pandemic, was created to support its young students and, to its turn, its local community by involving parents and guardians, teachers and other partners .

In particular, the school was praised for the way it engaged its students both through its student financial education group, which discussed ideas and resources, as well as with its mascots. financial, Freddie and Frankie.

Crosshouse’s portfolio of evidence has been successfully assessed by Young Money, the financial education brand of Young Enterprise UK. Having achieved such a high level of school-wide financial literacy, Crosshouse is committed to sharing the best practices it has developed with other local schools while continuing to receive support from YE Scotland over the past three coming years.

Jackie Noon, Crosshouse Elementary Classroom Teacher and Financial Literacy Champion, said:

“We believe it is vitally important for our children to develop a wide range of skills, knowledge and attitudes to thrive in a financially changing society and to prepare them for the responsibility of managing their own money.

“We loved how the kids embraced the program and we’re thrilled to be a center of excellence for financial education.”

Marie Leck, Head of School Delivery for YE Scotland, has worked closely with Crosshouse Primary over the past year. She says:

“We are delighted for Crosshouse Primary and congratulate the teaching staff on achieving Center of Excellence status – the first in Scotland. All their hard work and commitment has paid off. They have created a financial education program dynamic and engaging, which recognized the impact of money matters on numeracy and social wellbeing.I hope this will be a beacon for others to undertake a Center of Excellence program at their school. »

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