‘Sex Education’ Fans Denounce Confusing Aspect Of Netflix Series


More than a month after his return to Netflix for season 3, Sex education generates a lot of discussion on social networks. Set in the fictional town of Moordale, the series follows Otis Milburn, an inexperienced and socially awkward high school student who lives with his sex therapist mother. But as Sex Education has earned its place as a beloved series, reaching No. 1 on Netflix streaming charts and recently winning a Season 4 renewal, there is one aspect of the show that confuses viewers: the layout of the city.

Twitter user Sarah Schauer made viewers of the Netflix original series scratch their heads when she took to the social media platform on October 15 to voice her grievances and confusion with the setting. Moordale page. In a tweet which has gained a lot of ground, Schauer explained that as she tapped into the series, she began to “wonder what the layout of the city looks like.” She went on to note “Eric rides a bike at Otis but Eric and Otis ride bikes for a very long time to school, Maeve lives in a trailer park and Aimee has to drive / take the bus”, adding that she ” simply cannot conceptualize the city “. She added later that “Aimee walked 2 hours to her boyfriend’s house !! where does Steve live?” She went to Ask if “does everyone live on the outskirts?”

Schauer, however, was not alone in his confusion. After pointing out the details of what we know about Moordale, more and more fans began to step in, expressing that they also couldn’t figure out the logistics of the city. Keep scrolling to see what fans are saying about Moordale.

‘The plot thickens’

“I think Eric lives in a communal city which will be in / near the center of town, otis lives on the outskirts in the same way as Aimee (maybe the same road / area) the trailer park in maeve is probably just outside of town but on the opposite side, “a person suggested. Schauer was not convinced, however, to respond, “Okay sure, but why would Eric be riding his bike to Otis then?”

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‘Who knows’

“Who knows what’s going on with the layout of this city like ,,, where are the office buildings? Why are there so many fields? demand someone else.

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“Absolutely no sense”

“It makes absolutely no sense” added a fan. “Also, there is a bus that goes by there ??? What ??? I feel like they cycle / walk 10 miles all the time.”

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“Where is the real city?” “

“And like, where Eric lives seems to be sort of in a development (so maybe more towards downtown ???) except like WHERE IS THE ACTUAL CITY?” demand another. “There’s the pharmacy where ola worked and it’s like the only place they go.”

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Moordale Map

When Schauer followed up his comment with a tweet noting that “if the creators of Sex education posted a Game Of Thrones type of town planning I think that would answer half of my questions about the show “, several Sex education fans responded with self-created Moordale cards.

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Arrangement possible

“Okay, but every morning Eric goes to Otis on his bike”, Schauer wrote in response to the map above. “If that was the pattern, Otis would have to cycle to Eric’s house and then they would go to school.”

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“The show is intentionally impossible to place in England or America, city or country, contemporary or nostalgic”, responded someone else. “It’s a stylistic choice to make it a little ~ off ~ and a universe in itself.”


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