View of Grand Kailash: ‘Tapasya’ as governance!

Now “tapasya” or meditation is meant to uplift the individual soul, but Mr. Modi seems to have elevated it to an instrument of governance. Now we know why the demonetization, the GST and the second wave of Covid went the way they did: instead of sitting down with a few economists and virologists, our prime minister was conversing with his soul. He forgot the warning emphasized by the Buddha: “There is no meditation without wisdom. By the way, there is also no tapasya without sacrifice, but Mr. Modi believes that the sacrifice must come from the people, while he himself is bathed in the glow of Arnab Goswami’s rhapsodies.

There is now a real danger that tapasya will soon become an essential part of the government program, like yoga. Well, we may soon have a UN-decreed International Tapasya Day. It could soon become our second most important export, after runaway billionaires.

This is not good news for the poor public. As it stands, it is impossible to find a sarkari babu at his table because he has either gone to do Yoga or watch Mann Ki Baat or organize the next Yogi rally or get one of his many cards (Aadhaar, PAN, CGHS , Metro card, SIM) updated or recharged. Now, tapasya will be added to this expensive list of official commitments.

Long-suffering citizens will naturally have no choice but to practice tapasya themselves, as they have done in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi borders, Jantar Mantar and outside of roughly one in two police stations in Uttar Pradesh. Tapasya will soon become a national movement, what Mr. Doval would probably call the fourth pillar of democracy, the other three being Mann Ki Baat, Ram Rajya and Electoral Bonds.

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