Watch: Anushka Sharma applauds Virat Kohli’s dramatic hundred in England


Virat Kohli arguably scored the best cent of his career under the most dramatic circumstances on Matchday 2 of Test 1 against England at Edgbaston. The captain singlehandedly brought India back in the test match even though none of the other batsmen stood around him.

Kohli made his way to a first hundred tests in England in his first round of tests as captain there, and in 64.5 overs he sent a delivery of Ben Stokes to the border and made it reached its century in 172 bullets. And his actress-wife Anushka Sharma was there to witness the big moment for her husband.

Kohli celebrated his one hundred and first with a loud “Go”, then he stretched out his wedding ring that was hanging around her neck, showed her to the world and kissed her to show his joy.

It was the horrors of 2014 that he left behind and it was evident in the way he played after scoring this hundred. In the next 53 deliveries he played, he smashed 48 points, including eight limits and a six.

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It was after this on the last delivery of the 76th over that Adil Rashid got his wicket with Stuart Broad taking a hold at the back point.

As Virat Kohli came out of the ground pointing to his bat while acknowledging the applause he had received, Anushka Sharma stood in the Indian box, clapping and cheering her husband with an air of pure pride.

Kohli then looked up at her, smiled, and once again showed her bat to celebrate her epic hit.

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At the start of Day 2, Mohammed Shami knocked out Sam Curran to end England’s innings at 287 points. India started their response on a strong note with Murali Vijay and Shikhar Dhawan adding a 50-race partnership for the opening wicket. However, things quickly started to fall apart as Sam Curran and Ben Stokes placed in the middle order.

Vijay, Dhawan, KL Rahul, Ajinkya Rahane and Dinesh Karthik all returned to the clubhouse in under 30 stitches, but Kohli stood on the sidelines, waiting to find a partner to sew a sleeve.

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He found this partner in Hardik Pandya, with whom he added 48 points for the sixth wicket. Pandya then left with a scoreboard showing 148/6 in 45.6 overs and Kohli was then 47 points behind.

After Pandya left until Kohli was sacked, 126 points were added to the Indian scoreboard. Ravichandran Ashwin (10), Mohammed Shami (2), Ishant Sharma (5) and Umesh Yadav (1) scored a total of 18 points. It was Virat Kohli who added 102 points on the scoreboard with the tails helping their captain just trying to stay in the crease.

The Indian heats ended at 274 points, only 13 points behind and Kohli scored 54.38% of the Indian points.

England then came back to bat and on a stump, Ashwin knocked out Alastair Cook the same as the opening innings and England finished the day 9/1 in 3.4 overs.

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